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Dedicated to commemorate the selection of my dear friend,  Dr. Sue Samuels as the new Director of Bands at our Alma Mater, Furman University. It's a bright, uplifting, face-paced, forever-changing, challenging work that seeks to paint a musical picture of optimism and hope for a bright new world. Congrats, Sue!  (Available in 2020 from C. Alan Publications) 




Caprice for Solo Flute and Wind Orchestra (Grade 4 band/Grade 6 Solo)

Written for the Summerville High School Symphonic Band to celebrate their SCMEA Convention Performance, February 8, 2020, Columbia, SC to feature our private flute instructor, John Samuel Roper.  It is a sound painting of the personalities of rain and its effect on us as we experience it both physically and emotionally.  The music is rain,  it is water in rain, and it is our introspective thoughts during rain. 


A Letter to Claire (Grade 2.5)

dedicated to Claire Bogdan

There are rays of sunlight in drops of rain. 

There is healing in the simplest of places. 

There is a grounding and a hope in love. 

There is beauty in humanity.

There is warmth in light and truth. 

All of these live in music. 

You are music. 



This playful work represents the ease with with which we can be taken back to our childhood, celebrating the boisterous movement experienced when one Dances on Trampolines!  Enjoy the reckless abandon and fun-filled ups and downs as you dance on your trampolines! 

"The World is Lovely

Not Always

So Today, she Dances

on Trampolines."


CATAMARAN (Grade 5-6) 

Dedicated to honor the career of and many years of friendship with my boat-loving friend, Sue Alexander, this face-paced exhilarating ride on a Catamaran is a challenge for the players matched by the hair-raising results of playing it.  The thrills are abundant, and the finish may leave you soaked! Available here!

Complete Set with 11 x 17 score $150.00   ORDER HERE

OVERTURE to La Forza Del Destino (Grade 6) 

Verdi's masterpiece is arranged here staying very true to the original orchestral score while incorporating idiomatic interpretations of the original articulations and key centers.  This is a challenge for the best ensembles that is well worth the investment of time!  Nearing final revisions for 2020!

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